2017-18 Autumn & WINTER

西陣織 モンステラと鳥紋様   Nishijin Brocade with Monstera and Bird pattaern




This is all made of Silk Jacquard, which is a traditional Japanese material originally used for the Kimonos, called Nishijin Weaving.

Firmness is one feature of this material. As 2017 is the year of the bird, I have put bird pattern on exotic red color with leaves imaging the southern atmosphere.

The fabric is woven by the traditional Nishijin weaving machine producing only 1.5m a day in width of 75cm even by skilled technician.

Silhouette is a tent-dress with some volume at back.

 京都西陣 金襴 岡本織物株式会社



ハニカムジャガードコート    Honeycomb Jacquard Coat









Made from material sourced from Japan, home of the world’s finest textiles, this fluffy coat made of superior and exquisite fabric takes everywhere you want to go.


Princes line style with an irregular bell-sleeve tacked on cuff to be three quater length to get mode feeling. It is suggested to wear a skirt made of the same fablic as a layered style it under the hem of the coat.


ミンクショートコート         Mink Short Coat / Gather Skirt




Danish mink fur strips are used for body to be light-weight and long hair fox is gorgeously used around neck and for hem. I think this coat can be worn even casually at any occasions. Gather SkirtSuper Stretch fabric made by Japanese high-tech is used for this skirt. Very beautiful Silhouette and look created by Gathers are really outstanding.

フリルフラップコート          Frill Flap Coat





Ornamented by 2 flaps overlapped aounrd the neck gorgeously. Made of high quality Japanese Double-Faced fabric.